line decor
line decor



  1. Left click on the balloon you want coloured and proceed to colour chart and left click on colour you wish
  2. Balloon will change colour, the name of colour will appear if cursor is left over the balloon (or check the colour box below the balloon)
  3. Repeat above process for other balloons


  • Balloons colour can be changed multiple times
  • It is not recommended to mix tones. Tones are pearl tones, standard & fashion tones, neon tones and jewel tones. This is because the balloons in each tone have certain properties:
    Pearls have a solid gloss finish.
    Standards & fashions have a solid matt finish.
    Neons are a basic colour and only look their best under a black light.
    Jewels have a transparent finish.
  • Foil balloons are avaliable in hearts, stars and round shapes. They do match colours is the latex range. However inflated they have a flying time of 7-14 days and can be re-inflated
Ruby Red
Ruby Red
Ruby Red
Ruby Red
Ruby Red
Jewels Ruby Red Sapphire Blue Onyx Black Quartz Purple Emerald Green Citrine Yellow Mandarin Orange Sparkling Burgundy Diamond Clear Amethyst Violet Cocoa Brown Jewel Fuchsia Jewel Teal Jewel Lime
Fashions Rose Spring Lilac Tropical Teal Goldenrod Wintergreen Ivory Silk Periwinkle Lime Green
Pastel Pearls Pearl White Pearl Pink Pearl Lavender Pearl Ivory Pearl Mint Green Pearl Light Blue Pearl Azure Pearl Peach Pearl Lemon Chiffon Pearl Sea Green
Radiant Pearls Pearl Sapphire Blue Pearl Quartz Purple Pearl Ruby Red Pearl Fuchsia Pearl Burgundy Pearl Onyx Black Pearl Teal Pearl Citrine Yellow Pearl Emerald Green Pearl Forest Green Pearl Midnight Blue Pearl Orange Metallic Gold Metallic Silver
Standards White Red  Dark Blue Yellow Pink Pale Blue Green Orange
Neons Neon Green Neon Pink Neon Orange Neon Yellow Neon Violet Neon Magenta Neon Blue
Foils Ruby Red Sapphire Blue Onyx Black Quartz Purple Emerald Green Citrine Yellow Orange Amethyst Violet Fuchsia Teal Rose Pale Blue Spring Lilac Yellow White
Wintergreen Metallic Gold Lime Green Burgundy Silver Dark Blue Periwinkle